Grading Guide


A near mint card is almost indistinguishable from a mint card. The grade is so similar to mint that most sites group the two together and treat them as identical.  A near mint card may include up to 3 small chips along its edges that are only evident upon closer inspection. The surface of a near mint card my have up to 3 occurances of feint scratching or surface wear in line with what might be expected during opening.







Cards in light play condition can include a number of imperfections. Chipping is common among light play cards. Slight binder bend can occur. Sleeves may be needed to play these cards in a tournament. The sheen of a card in this condition may be slightly worn but never to the point of whitening. Slight scratches may be present on light play cards.







Cards in moderately played condition show play wear but will still be legal for sleeved tournament play. Shuffle creasing may be present in cards of this condition along with moderate whitening, surface scratches, and slight bends. Border whitening will most always be present to varying degrees. 








Heavy play cards will have some considerable problems, but remain playable in opaque sleeve. Cards in this category may include the following imperfections, major scratches, heavy corner and side wear, and slight creases. Other imperfections not stated may be present but will not hinder its tournament playability.







A damaged card can have many things affecting the condition: tearing, folds, creases, holes small or large, appearance of being run over, washed and water damaged. These cards will not be playable in a tournament. To play them you will need to have an open minded play group or be the enforcer of house rules.  


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